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A mint of Creativity with a desire for ideation to create

Know How

Why and How we do things around here


Team Trimahi has a pretty good idea of what the current market wants and why it must be ranked high. Unparalleled designs, exquisite detailing and supreme quality is one which Trimahi swears by, despite other agencies providing low quality designs and harmful strategies for cheap


To be able to provide high quality designs, Team Trimahi uses applications from a wide range of softwares like Adobe, which don’t just generate new content with perfection but also allow us to focus on intricate elements.


Trimahi Design Studio expects you to imbibe in the same thought- it takes the exact same level of brainstorming to create a design as it is to establish a company. This standard is one which can’t be compromised with and is extremely essential to make sure that the job stands to make the same impact it is expected to.

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You imagine, we create.

Your thoughts, our creativity.

Yes, we emphasize human connection with audiences There is no greater success in connecting your brand to a mass audience which takes the right professional training and skills to do that.
We believe that you, as a client, deserve to stand out from the crowd. Delivered by a dedicated set of employees who work on projects day and night to make sure you have the perfect fit for your brand. Dedication, perseverance while paying close attention to detail to make sure you have the best of the designs in your hand, we believe in creating a niche amidst the cliché.
We produce different things to make a difference, with a mint of creativity. We assure you, the results won’t just be second to none, your ideas would be painted with emotions to connect with your audience.


A sneak peek into our impeccable services

Brand Strategy

The brand strategies proposed by us will help identify your true brand, its meaning and what your audience truly desires which will help keep your company on top of the industry.This includes Set/Kiosk, Billboard, Flyers, Brochure, Menu, Magazine, Website and Corporate Desk Designing.

UI/UX Design

At Trimahi, we work hard to create websites which have an end-to-end perfectly smooth interface and experience with the customer. We feel you deserve to be shown off to the world


We make sure no stone is left unturned in providing you the best illustrations with the best quality. Because when we say we will do it, we do it with full determination and hardwork.

Content Stratergy

Important content creation allows you to become successful with the growth of your business, but a well-planned strategy is required to take your company to that pedestal.

Front-End Development

Not all front-end developers have the ability to crack the code to make your website successful. Well, we do. We have trained and experienced professionals, we are determined to make you #1.

Product Design & Management

Bringing the creativity on your hand, we create your product to reach the epitome of perfection. Customized for you which is easy and fun, with your support and inspiration.

Prototype & Interaction

Making tangible products into abstract ideas to solve the problems is what we’re proud experts of. With a variety of options to offer to you to suit the best kind for your company, Trimahi surely lives up to its name.

Motion Graphics

Efficiency with creativity is served on a platter at Trimahi. We present to you, Motion Graphics, which are high quality and exquisite, gentle yet distinctive, just for you.




Having our roots in a place which respects deadlines and understands the needs of a client, Trimahi has a team who have a vision- providing a platform of excellency to the world. That is what Trimahi delivers.


Trimahi aims to crown itself as India’s premier design brand. To deliver perfection, we leave no stones unturned -all minds ideate one idea together. Trimahi plans to impart its knowledge with design courses collaborating with industry experts to part industrial knowledge to future designers.


Thinking from a humanistic view, we paint your emotions and thoughts with creativity, enabling you to see through our eyes. Promote your business through our uniquely crafted method of visualizing a design to help you and your company rise and shine.

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